Sample invitation Letter for UK visa for parents (Sponsorship Letter)

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How to Write an Invitation Letter for UK Visa for Parents

Please find below another sample invitation letter for UK visa for parents. This letter is also called a sponsorship letter for UK Visa. Whether you are writing a sponsorship or invitation letter for a friend or parents, the format is the same. All you need to adjust is the names of your guest and their relationship. Remember that the visa officer is mostly interested in verifying that your guests actually have contacts in the UK and that the guests plan to return to their country after their visit to the UK.

You may choose to address your letter to your guests or to the visa officer. In both cases, you need to insert all the necessary information in a clear and easily accessible manner. In my letters, I prefer to list this information at the bottom of the letter.


Sample Invitation Letter for Parents

Below is a sample invitation letter. The names on it are fictitious but this format has been used and visas have been issued using this format. There are other formats that can be used. The most important thing is for the information required to be on it.

Remember that this is just a sample and we are not in any way connected to the British High Commission.


Sample Invitation letter for UK Visa for parents

Andrew Odu,
United Kingdom
+44 020 8111 1234

12th July 2019

The British High Commission,

Application for visit visa: Mr John Odu; May 13 1940; Passport No: AO345678 and Mrs Mary Odu, June 5 1945; Passport No. A045566

This Letter is to confirm that I wish to invite my parents John and Mary Odu to visit me in Stevenage, UK for 3 weeks in order to have a short holiday. I want them to come on the 20th of August 2012 and leave on the 10th of September 2012. I hope that they would be able to celebrate my 35th Birthday celebration with me on the 3rd of September 2012.

I am a British Citizen and Electrical Engineer Working at Bell UK in London. I will be on vacation at that time.

I am able to accommodate them for the duration of their stay in the UK. Please find attached evidence of my accommodation.

I have enclosed the following documents:
• Copy of passport
• Tenancy agreement (ownership documents) – [if you don’t have this document, just do not include it.]

Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,


Andrew Odu

You may download a pdf copy of this letter here – Pdf sample invitation letter for Parents to UK

Do not forget to send a scanned copy of your passport. You do not have to notarize the letter



24 thoughts on “Sample invitation Letter for UK visa for parents (Sponsorship Letter)

      1. Coral Jorge

        Hi, I wanted to visit my bf in the UK and my parents want to come along. what am I supposed to do, please help.

  1. sam

    ok but how long does it take to get the results.
    and about the British papers what do you think? he is below 18years

  2. Lily

    Hi, I want to sponsor the English course to my sister , she is from Colombia, also my boyfriend wants to be a sponsor of her. What can we do? and apart of the Uk visa letter what else we need to do ?


  3. Love Harry


    Please I want to invite my husband and my mother to UK, just want to find out if it is ok to write one invitation letter or two different letters.

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Love,

      I think it would be better to write 2 different letters. That way they can prepare their documents separately. And if one is denied at least one may have to opportunity to get the visa.


    Please i am in canada and my dad in Nigeria wants to accompany his banks statement with a surpporting letter but does not know who to address it to and what address he should put. Please can you help?

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Esther,

      Is your dad trying to support you for a visa application or are you planning on inviting your dad to visit Canada?

  5. Nazy lov

    hi, am in the UK and pregnant, with a spouse visa. My husband and i would like to invite my mum and niece cos my mum is her main carer this summer cos i will be due then. We want them to spend atleast 4months with us before going back. At the moment, we are planning to use her account as a maintenance document, but all other supporting documents will be provided by us. Will that be accepted? Thanks

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Nazy,

      From what I know, this should be okay. She is the main person that needs to show sufficient income and ties to her home country. If her account is good, then her chances of getting the visa is better. Especially if her source of income is back in her home country which she must return to.

  6. DAV

    Please can l invite my friend mum to come and take care of my her baby since my friend is going for operation the doctor gave her a letter to bring her mum from Africa to take care of the baby but my friend have her documents at the home office can l use the doctors letter to help her invite her mum or do l invite her as my aunt ..

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Dav,

      You can invite your friend’s mum as your family friend. However, you need to remember that the visa officer will ask questions about your friend’s mum’s family. They would eventually connect her with her daughter.

  7. Sayeh

    Hello. I want to invite my sister abd her family from germany for 10 days visit me. They have indefinite visa . What I need to send for them and how I write letter? If you can help me with it thanks

  8. Mercy

    Hello. My uncle want to invite me to UK and am a student. what are the procedures to take in writting the latter.

  9. tanya

    Very nice article Dems.
    I have a small query. 5 of us are visiting UK. Husband,me, our 1 year old baby and Husbands Parents. Hubbys mother sister is a UK citizen. What kind of invitation letter should we ask from them. Everyone details should be mentioned in the letter or only Mother in laws details are enough.

    1. Dems

      Hi Tanya,

      You will need to mention each applicant’s details in the letter since each of you will need a visa each. A simple letter of invitation stating the purpose of your visit with all the required details is okay.

  10. Lambert

    Hi dems
    I had 3 little children one 11 and the other two boys are 7 and 6 years old with my late wife that passed away nearly two year. I recently got remarried in Africa and my wife lives there. I cannot work because I am the main carer of the kids so I want to apply for a spouse visa for her to join me in the UK yo take care of the family soI can go to work and boive a normal family life again as the children really need it. I am à British citizen

  11. Lambert

    Sorry for the typing mistakes I was meant to say to go to work and live a normal family instead of boive which is a misspelling. Thank you

  12. Jane

    I’m a Spanish citizen living in the UK and would like to invite my mom to celebrate my son’s first birthday. I’m also her sponsor, is it possible to invite her not being a British citizen?


  13. Michele

    Hi I am from Philippines but I have a British citizenship I want to apply for my mum to come and visit me here how much money do I need to have in my account in able to sponsor her. Thank you


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