Italy visa for us green card holders (US permanent residents)

Are you a permanent resident in the US and want to travel to Italy soon? You are in the right place. Here, you will find all the information you need for an Italian visa for U.S green card holders.

Italy is a beautiful country that attracts a large number of tourists as well as people looking to find employment and live out there long term. It is in the top five most visited countries in the world. But depending on which country you are a citizen of and what your purpose and duration of travel is, you may or may not need to apply for a visa to enter, live and work.

Do I need a visa?                

As a US green card holder, yes you need a visa to gain entry into Italy. U.S citizens with U.S passports do not need a visa to get into Italy. Canadian citizens also do not need a visa to enter Italy for up to 90 days if the purpose of their trip is tourism- or business-related. However, if you plan to stay longer than 90 days, you will need a Schengen Visa, which grants you access to all EU member states.

As a permanent resident (green card holder), you have been officially granted immigration benefits, including permission to reside and take employment in the United States, as a National of another country. This however does not guarantee you the freedom to travel outside the U.S uninhibited without getting the necessary visas.

Where can I get information is the official website for the Directorate General for Italians Abroad and Migration Policies. Official information about your immigration issues can be accessed there.

To verify if you do need a visa, you will be asked to fill a short questionnaire about your nationality, your country of residence, the length of your stay and the reason for your stay. That combination of answers will determine whether or not you require a visa or if there is one even available for your purpose.

You will need the following documentation for an Italian Schengen visa:

Entry visa application form (which you can access at the site above). A recent passport-size photograph;

  • valid travel document (passport) whose expiry date is three months longer than that of the visa requested ;
  • return ticket (or booking) or evidence that the applicant has their own means of transport;
  • proof that the applicant has sufficient means of subsistence as required by the Directive of the Ministry of the Interior dated 1st March 2000;
  • supporting documentation in relation to the applicant’s social and professional status (for instance letter of no objection from employer ;
  • health insurance covering a minimum of €30,000 for emergency hospitalization and repatriation expenses, valid throughout the Schengen area;
  • a Declaration of hospitality (this is a proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation. A 3-page form you can download and fill from the website).

The visa office may also request other documentation depending on your case. You should contact the visa office authorized for your area for more specific information.

Italy has a large presence in the U.S. It has an Embassy in Washington D.C, as well as consulate offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. If you are in the United States and wish to travel to Italy, you may require a visa issued by the Consular office of the Italian Embassy in Washington DC or another Italian Consular Office in the U.S.

How much does it cost?

The visa processing fee is €60. Fees charged are for the administrative costs of processing the visa application.

What happens next?

Once you fill out the Schengen application form, print it out. The printed form contains the 2D Barcode with the data you entered. You can then take the form, with all other documents attached to the embassy or an Italian consulate office, and submit. Your application will be processed and you will be notified about your status subsequently.

How long does it take??

Allow for up to 2 weeks to get your visa. The embassy/consulate may notify you for pick-up before then. You are free to apply up to 90 days before your travel date but it is advised you apply at least 3 weeks before your planned trip, to allow for any unforeseen circumstances.

Again in summary, you will generally need the following for a visa application:

Correct application form duly filled out, a valid passport, a passport-sized photograph, travel insurance with a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000, round-trip flight reservations or a complete travel itinerary, hotel reservation or proof of accommodation, letter of no objection from employer (if applicable), and proof of sufficient funds.

Take note

Please remember that

1) Submitting the required documentation does not automatically guarantee visa issuance, and

2) Even if you have a visa on entering Italy and the Schengen Area, border authorities can once again check the documents required for issuance of the visa, and have the authority to deny you entry.

Also if you are a spouse, child, or parent of an Italian citizen or other European Union Member State, you should contact the competent Italian Embassy/Consulate for further information. Individuals of any nationality who are family members of EU/Schengen nationals and are in possession of a residence permit indicating their status are exempt from having to get a visa when entering the European Union or Schengen Area when they are accompanying their EU/Schengen family member or are seeking to join them.


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