New to USA – A Resource guide for newcomers to USA

This post was most recently updated on October 7th, 2018

If you are a visitor to the USA or a new to USA in any way, there are certain things that are normal to residents of USA that are quite strange or difficult for those who are coming into the culture for the first time. Anyone who is new to USA will find this page helpful.

This page is my list of websites that I believe you will find useful. If I find another website with a comprehensive list I will simply add it here and stop building my own list.

Helpful Links

How to write a check

This page guides you step by step on how to write a check properly in the USA. It shows you annotated photos of a check and provides tips for filling a check properly. One good thing though is that checks are not being used as much as they used to be. Nonetheless, lots of people still use them. On this page you will also find other information about check or cheques in general.

How to Use Taxis for those new to USA

This web page guides you step by step with images on how to get a taxi. There are also a few questions and answers that you may find helpful.

How to Tip in a restaurant 

How much are you expected to give to a waiter or waitress in a restaurant? This guide tells you all you need to do. It is a step by step guide with appropriate images to help. So if you are new to USA and are not conversant with our tipping culture. This page is a must read for you.

Best Mobile Phone Company

This is a comprehensive guide on choosing the appropriate mobile phone carrier for your use. These phone companies have various plans that can confuse someone who is new to the USA. With this guide you will reduce the chances of being ripped off by any aggressive sales person.