Sample invitation Letter for Mother in-law to visit USA

There are a few reasons why you would want to invite your mother-in-law to visit you in the USA. The most common reason is to invite her to come for the delivery of the baby or just to help during that time. In this post, I present 2 sample invitation letters that you can use to invite your mother-in-law to visit you in USA.

Childbirth and pregnancy can be quite an emotional time and many women love to have their mother’s with them at that time. In our case my mother-in-law came over and spent 3 months with us.

Sample Invitation Letter for Mother In-law during Pregnancy


23rd October, 2018

The US Embassy,

Panchsheel Marg,

Shantipath, Chanakyapuri,

Delhi 110021, India.

Dear Sir/Madam

Letter of Invitation for Trudi Brea: Passport No: —————

I am writing this letter to support the visitor visa application of my mother-in-law – Trudi Brea.

She is currently resident in India and lives at Ro 557, Street No 10, Guru Angad Nagar Dehli, India and their home phone number is (91)1234327567.

I am a legal permanent resident of the US, and live at 2391 Ferguson Street Mansfield, Massachusetts. I am a Maintenance Engineer at Precision Auto Parts in Massachusetts – with a net income of $80,000 a year. I would like to have my mother-in-law from the time the baby is born. We are currently expecting delivery on the 7th of December 2019.

My request is that she would be granted visa from December 1st to April 30th 2019, in which time I would be fully responsible for well-being. She will be staying at my home, and following the expiration of her visa, I will see that she returns to our home country.

Thanks in anticipation of your favorable response.



Andela Brea.



The US Embassy,

Pretoria, South Africa.

RE: Letter of Invitation for Susan Greer, Passport No:——

Dear Sir,

I write this as a formal invitation to my mother-in-law, Susan Greer, in support of her visa application. She currently lives at 22, Friedman Street, Durban, South Africa. Her passport number is (———). I am a Senior Analyst at Greenwood Lush Services in Ontario. Her presence will be of immense help as she will help with looking after the newborn baby so I can return to work with little stress. My husband is a contractor who often travels around the country and will be largely unavailable to shoulder the day-to-day responsibilities of child care. Mrs. Greer’s expected dates of travel are November 12, 2018 to March 10, 2019. My expected date of delivery is November 20, 2018 at Mercy Grace Hospital. We will be fully responsible for her upkeep and accommodation for the entire duration of her stay.

I have attached copies of all our identification documentation, as well as Ms. Greer’s itinerary details.

Thank you for your positive response.

Janet Roe.

23rd October, 2018.

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