B1 B2 Visa Interview Questions and Answers for USA Visitor Visa

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Do you have a visa interview appointment and are wondering what type of questions would be asked? Then you have landed on the right page. I have listed some sample b1 b2 visa interview questions and answers to aid in your interview preparations.

When attending a visa interview, the visa officer is interested in finding out if you would return to your country of residence after your visit to the USA.

If you already have a visa interview appointment, it means that you already have an invitation letter and other documents that you may need to present at the interview.

There are a variety of questions that could be asked depending on the purpose for your visit, the answers you give to previously asked questions, the status of the one inviting you and your country of residence.

My advice to you is that you are not stressed about the questions or the interview. Understand that you are going to spend money in the USA, be sure within you that you want to come back to your country of residence and be well prepared.

The fact that you are reading this is already a good preparation for the visa interview appointment. You may also get the Ultimate Visa interview Kit for more tips to prepare for your interview.

B1 B2 Visa Interview Questions and Answers (Sample)

Here are some questions that could be asked if you are a friend visiting the USA for your annual vacation.

  1. How do you pronounce your name?
  2. What are you going to do in the USA?
  3. Is this your first time of applying for a visa to visit the USA?- I know a few people who have lied on this question and jeopardized their chance of getting the visa
  4. Do you have any relatives in the USA?
  5. Who is he or she?
  6. Where do you plan on staying during your visit? (You should have prepared an answer for this question – If staying at a hotel, have the name or if staying with your host, just say so and mention the address.)
  7. What does your friend do for a living?
  8. Where does he or she work? – Have the correct name of the Company your friend works at
  9. How will you be funding your trip? (Have financial documents ready for this question)
  10. Is your friend married?
  11. Do you know their status in the USA? (Mention the type of visa they have or that they are citizens)
  12. How long will you be staying in the USA?
  13. What will you be doing for the 3 weeks? Any Plans?
  14. Do you plan on working while you are there? You should always say no to this question. A visitor visa does not permit you to work.
  15. If you have the opportunity, would you stay in the USA? The answer is no. Give reasons why you have to return to your country of residence.
  16. What do you do for a living?
  17. So what will happen to your job while you are away? – Mention that you are on Annual Leave.
  18. Will you be going with your family?

B1 B2 Visa Interview Questions and Answers for USA Visitor VisaThese are just sample b1 b2 visa interview questions and answers. During the interview, you may be asked only a few questions.

In most of my interviews, I have been asked about 10 or less. In one case I was barely asked 3 questions and I got the visa.

Many times the visa officer has formed an opinion by just looking at your documentation but she wants to confirm her opinion or see if you can produce other documents or explanations that will convince her otherwise.

Always remember that the burden is on your to show to the visa office that you deserve to get the visa because you will surely return to your country of origin.

If this has been helpful, I suggest that you get the Ultimate Visa Interview Kit to help you prepare properly for your interview. In it you will find these and other valuable tips that will help improve your chances of receiving your travel visa.

Sample US Visa Questions and Answers For Parents

The prospect of having a parent visit you in the United States is quite exciting. At least it is, until you’re faced with the hurdle of acquiring a Visa for them.

The ultimate making or breaking point of the Visa acquiring process is usually the interview. In order to ensure that it goes off without a hitch, it is important to prepare your parents adequately for the ‘grilling’ they might face – this article will highlight possible questions they might be asked and the best answers for them.

Before proceeding with the interview, it is important to note that it is possible to ask in advance for an interpreter. This may be especially necessary if you feel it would be easier for them to communicate in their native tongue.

Also remember to begin the interview with a polite greeting, and introduce yourself; if you are asked to – this may not be necessary since the interviewer is likely to request for your passport before commencing the interview.

Sample Question 1: Why do you want to travel to the US?

Answer: To visit my son/daughter and for tourism.


Sample Question 2: Have you visited the US before?

Answer: Yes or no (as applicable)

If yes, include details of the past trip, its duration and purpose.

If no, answer with no additional explanations.


Sample Question 3: How long do you intend to stay in the US for?

   Answer: My trip is scheduled to last for no longer than X number of months.


Sample Question 4: Why have you chosen to go to US at this time?

            Answer: My son/daughter has specifically prepared to host me at this time. He/she has taken some time off work/school in order to host us properly. I have also chosen this time since the summer months are best for tourism and we intend to do a little sight-seeing during my stay there.


Sample Question 5: Where will you be staying for the duration of your visit?

Answer:  I will be staying at my son/daughter’s residence; at 123 Abc street – X-city, X-state.


Sample Question 6: Who will be sponsoring your visit and stay in the US?

Answer: My son/daughter with whom I will be residing.


Sample Question 7: What kind of Visa does Your Child have?

Answer:  He/she has an X-visa or he/she is a citizen (as applies).


Sample Question 8: What does your child do for a living in the US?

Answer: He/she works as a (insert occupation), at (insert company name)

This answer may be followed by subsequent questions regarding their annual income, and the length of time within which they have been working, to which you may respond by saying “ he/she earns an estimated X dollars per year, and are at X-level in the company given their X-years stay at the company.

While this is important, it is also quite important to note that you must not give answers to unsolicited questions.


Sample Question 9: Will anyone be accompanying you on this trip?

Answer: Yes/no (as applies)

If yes, state the person with whom you would be travelling. They would also be required to present their passport and undergo an interview process of their own.


Sample Question 10: What do you do for a living?

Answer: I am a (job title) with X-corporation .

Or, I run a business as a (Insert business name, description and number of years it has been running)

Or, I am retired and I am currently a pensioner.

Subsequent to this question, applicants may be asked questions regarding their annual income, and if they are running businesses, who would be in charge of the business while they are away.


Sample Question 11: How many children do you have, and how many currently live in the US?

Answer: I have X –number of kids and X number currently reside in the US

You may also be asked if you have any grandchildren – i.e. if the child you are going to visit has any children of their own; indicate as necessary.


Sample Question 12: What is the guarantee that you would return to this country after the time alloted you expires?

Answer: I will certainly return because I have X-number of relatives in the country, and I also have the following assets (list assets), besides; i have a few dependents as well.

Other questions likely to be asked border along the lines of your physical and mental health, and that of the child you would be visiting. You may also be required to come with the child’s birth certificate and proof of livelihood. Questions regarding other personal details may be excluded since they are already indicated in the documents you would be required to attend the interview with.

Some Questions Answered

Here are some articles that would answer other questions you may have with regards to obtaining a visa to the USA.


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