Sample K3 Visa Questions

Interviews are an essential part of obtaining a visa to the US. Successful interviews have a much greater impact in the visa grant decision that most of the other application processes.

K3 visa interview questions dive deeper into your history and intention. Because of the predominance of marriage fraud attempts, U.S. immigration officials need to be convinced that the applicant(s) are genuinely worthy of obtaining the visa by merit, as opposed to their union merely being a means to an end. With these in mind, you might consider these Sample k3 visa questions a peek into the mind of your interviewer.

Who Can Apply For A K3 Visa?

An K3 visa entitles visa applicants to enter and reside in the U.S. as non-immigrants until their immigrant visa petition has been approved. Rather than waiting abroad for the immigrant processing, and entering the U.S as an immigrant, the K3 visa entitles spouses of U.S citizen or immigrants to enter as an immigrant.

Quite simply, the K3 visa is for the foreign based spouse of a United States citizen, or a green card holding resident and immigrant. To be granted this visa, the foreign citizen who marries a U.S citizen outside the U.S. must apply for the K3 visa in the country where the marriage took place.

According to US immigration laws, same-sex spouses of U.S citizens and lawful permanent residents are now eligible for the immigration benefits that the K3 visa entitles.

Preparing for A K3 Visa Interview

Typical interviews only last about 15-30 minutes. So, you can rest easy knowing its not an interrogation. It is simply a chance for the interviewer to get to know you, as well as confirm the validity of your application and complete the process.

Here are a few steps to preparing for a hitch free interview.

  • Gather Necessary Documentation

Prepare a folder with all the relevant documents that would be required by the interviewer. This could also include previously file documents and other original documents requested in the interview appointment letter.

  • Review Your Sample K3 Visa Questions

Review your questions with your partner if necessary. There may be no need to memorize your answers, but you certainly need to be familiar with them so that you are prepared.

  • Prepare To be Honest

Nothing ruins your chances at getting your K3 visa like providing untruthful information. False information may even go further and ruin any future chances you have at getting any other similar application approved. Not to mention, the throng of legal actions that often follows will be quite frustrating to handle.

Sample K3 Visa Questions about the Applicant

  • What is your name?

“My name is (Insert name).

  • When were you born?

“I was born (Insert year)

  • What is your nationality?

“I was born (Insert nationality)

  • What languages do you speak?

“I speak x, x, and x language.”

  • Were you previously married? If so, when?

(Respond as appropriate)

  • Do you currently work?

“Yes, I do. I work as (insert position) in (insert company name)


“No, I do not.”

  • Have you been to the United States before? If so, when, why, and how?

Respond as appropriate, indicating the year and purpose of your visit. If you haven’t, answer in the negative.

  • Do you have family living in the United States? If so, where?

State Answer.

  • Have you ever been arrested? If so, for what?

 When providing answers during the interview, remember to keep the responses short and precise. Providing any additional information without being asked may suggest to the interviewer that you are either being untruthful, or nervous. This may spell disaster for any prospects you have.

Sample K3 Visa Questions about the Spouse (U.S. Petitioner)

  • What is your spouse’s name?
  • When is your spouse’s birthday?
  • Where was your spouse born?
  • How old is your spouse?
  • Does your spouse have some favorite hobbies or interests?
  • How did you and your spouse meet?
  • Has your spouse been married before? If so, when and why did he or she divorce?
  • What is your spouse’s ex-spouse’s name?
  • Where does your spouse live?
  • Does your spouse live with anyone?

Sample K3 Visa Questions About the Relationship

  • How did you meet for the first time?
  • Where did you meet
  • How long have you known each other?
  • What do you have in common
  • Who proposed to whom
  • Did your parents approve
  • When did you get married
  • Where was the wedding held
  • How many people were in attendance
  • How long did you live together
  • Describe the place where you’ve both lived together
  • How do you share responsibilities
  • Do you have any children together?

Take note that you may not be required to go into excruciating detail unless your marriage and application is suspected to be fraudulent. In this instance, you will be scheduled for a subsequent meeting with the fraud unit, and you’ll be asked more probing and intense questions.

Sometimes, even actually married couples are suspected because of their differing characteristics or lifestyle choices. It should pose no reason for worry, as long as you have nothing to hide.

Finally, being confident can yield positive results. The judgment of the interviewing officer is profoundly influenced by the way you react to questions, your body language and the authenticity of your answers. And if all goes well, you should have a K3 visa in no distant time. Good luck out there!

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