F1 visa interview questions and answers 2017

THE F-1 Visa

In the United States, the F-1 visa is a type of non-immigrant student visa that allows foreigners to pursue education (academic studies and/or language training programs) in the United States. The F-1 student must maintain a full course of study. F-1 visas are only issued in U.S embassies and consulates outside the United States, although extensions of stay and changes of status may be possible within the United States. Prospective F-1 students must apply at the school and receive a form I-20 in order to apply for an F-1 visa. F-1 students must show that they are able to support themselves during their stay in the U.S, as their opportunities for legal employment are quite limited. Here are sample f1 visa interview questions and answers for your practice.

Sample F1 visa interview questions and answers


QUESTIONS FOR PROSPECTIVE F-1 VISA APPLICANT(the answers are just to give you an idea of what to say but be truthful when answering any of the questions)

  • Why this particular college?

They want to see how much you know about that college

  • How many colleges did you apply to?

They are trying to see how eager you are to study in the US

  • Which Universities did you apply to?

This shows what you think of yourself and how much you care about your education

  • How many admissions did you get?

They want to know how qualified and academically sound you are

  • Where did you get the admission?

They want to know if it’s the college of your choice

  • Where did you complete your undergraduate/graduate degree?

If you already have a previous degree and pursuing more degrees

  • What is your undergraduate GPA/percentage?

They want to know how well you did in your undergraduate studies

  • Why do you want to study in the US?

The US has some of the best colleges in the world with highly qualified lecturers and professors

  • Can you tell me some details about your university?
  • Can you mention the names of some professors?

This shows your ability to relate well with your teachers

  • Have you ever been to the US?
  • Where and when did you get your bachelors degree?
  • How long will you stay in the US?

I will stay for the duration of my course or if you have any other reason to extend your stay, you explain to the interviewer

  • How did you know about this college?

A friend, from the web, email etc

  • What is your Academic background?
  • Do you plan to study PhD after M.sc?
  • These courses are studied in other universities around the world, why this university?

Because this university has the best professors in the world teaching this courses

  • Who is sponsoring your education?
  • What does your sponsor do?
  • What is your sponsor’s income?

It is necessary you are aware of this information

  • What is your sponsor’s monthly income?
  • What is your sponsor’s annual income?
  • What is your university yearly expense?

Make sure you get all required expenses for your intended university before heading to the embassy

  • Did you get a loan?
  • Show your bank statement
  • How will you finance your education for 2-3 years?
  • Your bank pass book shows recently large fund recently been deposited? How do you explain that?
  • How many brothers and sisters do you have?
  • Do you have any relative in the US?
  • Does your relative work in the US?
  • Since your relative is working in the US, would you like to work in the US too?
  • Where did your brother/parents complete their studies?
  • Where do your parents live?
  • You have sisters and brothers, how do you think your sponsor will pay for your education?

My sponsor is paying for my education because he believes in me and wants to be responsible for my success

  • Do you have a brother/sister or relative already at this university?
  • Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?
  • Why are you leaving your current job?(if you are working)

Because I want to enhance my skills and improve my productivity in my workplace subsequently

  • Show your work experience letter?
  • What is your current salary?
  • How much do you have in savings?
  • Do you plan to work in the US?
  • Why did you choose US but not Canada or Germany?

I chose the US because it’s a nation that welcomes anyone no matter where you are coming from and it has some of the best universities in the world

  • What type of good things do you know about America?
  • What do you expect after returning back?
  • Why do you plan to do M.sc?
  • Why are your GRE/TOEFL scores low?
  • You look like a potential immigrant, how sure are we you will come back?

I am going to the US just for study to enhance my skills and after my education; I will leave to be able to help my country grow with what I have learnt in the US already

  • What do you know about US education?
  • Why are you applying for fall only?
  • What will you do after completing your M.sc?

I will go back to my country and do the best I can in impacting the knowledge I have acquired in the US

  • Did you get any scholarship?
  • Do you know anyone(in US) in your university ?
  • What will you do if your student visa is rejected?

I will accept it in good faith and apply next time though it would have set me back by one year

  • Will you come home during summer?
  • Why do you think the University is giving you a scholarship?

I got the scholarship because I qualified for with my high grades in the GRE/TOEFL exams

  • Why did you change your field(mechanical or electrical engineering to computer science)

I changed it because at a time like this in my country, ICT is taking over, and I want to be among those to bring the change

  • Why do you think we should give you a visa to study in the US?

I deserve it because I have met the entire requirement and studying in the US will boost my confidence as a person and my academic qualifications

  • Is there any reason why you shouldn’t be given F1 visa?

To the best of my knowledge sir, there is no reason why I should be denied an F1 visa



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