Writing an invitation letter for Canadian Visa – Sample

How to write an invitation letter for Canadian Visa; Sample invitation letter to travel to Canada for a visit; Letter required by candaian embassy

Immigration Invitation Letter for a Preacher or Minister

Writing a letter to invite a guest minster to your church can be a little challenging. The requirements are a little different but a look at the list of information required will be helpful. You can find the list here –Invitation letter quide from Immigration Canada.

Sample Invitation Letter for a guest Minister

Below is a sample invitation letter. The names on it are ficticious but this format has been used and visas have been issued using this format. There are other formats that can be used. The most important thing is for the information required to be on it.


Canadian Deputy High Commissioner
Immigration Section
4 Anifowoshe Street
Victoria Island

Your Excellency,


We, the leaders of the Churh Name, a duly registered  charitable organization with Charitable Business number 1111111111R0001,  situate in the district of Lava, Province of Ontario, Canada, do hereby invite from Nigeria:

Rev James Lorde passport no XXXXXXX
Evangelical Catholic Church
7045 Babasola st, Muson, off College Road.
Ketu, Oyo State. Nigeria.

For a Canadian visit of 14 days duration.
This minister of the Gospel will be ministering in our Church on Sunday March 28th 2010.

We solemnly affirm that we will provide living accommodation, medical care and full sundry support
to him during his stay in Canada.

This affirmation is without prejudice to the fact that our invitee has sufficient funds for the trip. We make this solemn declaration together as a Church, and as a duly incorporated Canadian Charitable organization, conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath and by virtue of the “Canada Evidence Act.”



Rev Ford Heliout (Pastor in Charge)
For and on behalf of Church Name


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