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The popular saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is a misleading concept of various forms. Distance, in fact puts a strain on any relationship. Even with the plethora of methods which can aid communication; they will hardly provide the sufficient amount of companionship required to sustain any relationship; thus this article on obtaining UK fiancé Visas.

A UK fiancé visa is a category of family visas.  The UK fiance visa is used by individuals engaged to British Citizens or those settled in the UK to enter into the country. The Visa is also used by individuals who; have permanent residence, refugee status or humanitarian protection to invite their fiancé or proposed civil partner into the UK.

Requirements to Apply for Fiancé Visa UK

To apply for a fiancé Visa UK, your partner and/or yourself have to meet these requirements;

  • You must both be 18 years and above:
  • You or your partner must meet either of these invitation requirements;
  • Be a British Citizen
  • Have either refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK
  • Provide proof that you have a good knowledge of English by either; presenting an academic qualification that demonstrates proficiency, or taking an approved English language test.
  • Make evidence availible you can financially support yourself and dependants.
  • Provide proof that you either both marry or enter into civil partnership within 6 months of arriving.

Provisions of the Fiancé Visa UK

The UK fiancé visa has a number of perks as well as limitations –

  • The UK fiancé visa disallows the invited party from engaging in any kind of work. Subsequent to a legally recognized union however; they may choose to engage in lawful business (or otherwise) activity as they so deem fit.
  • The fiancé Visa UK allows for permission to stay for no more than 6 months if applying as a fiancé, fiancée or a proposed civil partner.

Requirements for Application or Extension of Fiancé Visa UK (If the Above Requirements Are Not all Met)

If the above stated requirements are not met, you may be granted the visa or given an extension provided any of the following can be proven –

  • You have a child in the UK who is a British Citizen or has lived in the UK for no less than 7 years
  • The refusal to be granted a Visa would be an outright breach of your human rights.

How To Apply For A Fiancé Visa UK

The requirements for applying for a fiancé visa UK is dependent on whether you are applying from within, outside the UK or North Korea. Regardless of these


however, the following documentation/details must be provided

  • Personal information: This includes your name(s), date of birth, identification and valid travel ID, previous passports, biometric residence permit (if you aren’t a citizen), passport photograph, criminal history/records, immigration applications, national insurance number, medical records, a blank page in your passport as well as an email address.
  • Proof of Financial Status: Documents that provide proof of your income will be required as well as related material including receipts and tax bills.
  • Personal Information of Partner: Their name(s), date of birth, nationality, passport, any evidence of previous relationships, and details of their dependants.

How to Apply From Within The UK

UK fiancé visa applicants may choose to apply online or send their applications by post or in person at a premium service centre.

You may only apply online as an alternative to the paper forms, but they are not a sufficient means to apply for an indefinite leave to remain.

Applications in person can be done by either –

  • Filling the form and booking an appointment
  • Making an online application and booking a subsequent appointment.

Applications by post are also dependent on whether or not you can already prove your knowledge of English, you can meet the income requirement and already have the permission to be in the UK. Thus, this method of application may only be utilized if you cannot paid the required fee for one of the following reasons –

  • You do not have a place to live and cannot afford one
  • The applicant has a place to live but cannot afford your essential living costs like food or heating.
  • You have very low income and paying the required fee would compromise your child/dependant’s wellbeing.

How To Apply From Outside the UK or North Korea

Applicants applying from outside the UK or North Korea are required, in addition to the earlier listed documents; complete a form, known as appendix 2 which would provide information as to how they intend to meet the financial requirements of living in the UK.

For individuals applying in North Korea however, additional documentation is also required, and a family settlement form VAF4A for North Korean applicants only, is filled as well. The forms are available in Chinese and Vietnamese.

How Long It Will Take To Get A Fiancé Visa UK

Subsequent to the submission a decision to give you the visa or deny your application would be made;

  • Within 12 weeks if you applied from outside the UK
  • Within 8 weeks if you applied from within the UK
  • On the same day if you applied in person and paid the for premium service.

Ultimately, this guide should provide sufficient aid to obtaining a UK fiancé visa. Subsequent to the approval of the visa; partners may choose to apply for an indefinite settlement leave to remain on the basis of their union.


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