Fiancé Visa Australia

A fiancé visa is regarded as a Prospective Marriage Visa in Australia. The prospective marriage visa or fiancé visa Australia is for individuals outside Australia. A Prospective marriage visa becomes necessary when one individuals in the relationship chooses to invite their  partner to Australia. The invitee must be resident in Australia and capable of sponsoring the other party  on the basis of their partnership.

The prospective marriage visa is a category of Australian partner visas that is a temporary fiancé visa. The visa is for unmarried partners wishing to migrate to Australia.

Eligibility Requirements of the Fiancé Visa Australia

The prospective marriage visa is exclusively demanded from individuals outside Australia. While the individuals can become engaged while they are they are both in Australia; the application for the visa can only be made while the applicant is off shore.

There is no onshore equivalent of the prospective marriage visa.

The applicant and/or their partner must also meet the following requirements:

  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident with whom they are in a genuine relationship
  • Provide evidence that there are no impediments to marrying your intended spouse including the following;
  • That you are both free to marry
  • That you are of both marriageable age
  • Provide evidence that you have met in person and that you know each other.
  • Provide medical reports that you meet Australia’s health and character requirements.

To fully determine whether you are qualified for the Australian Prospective Marriage Visa, you may undertake an assessment provided by the Visa Bureau here. While it doesn’t guarantee eligibility, it does satisfy basic criteria required by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

How to Apply for a Fiancé Visa Australia

  • Begin with undergoing relevant health checks before proceeding with the application. Take note that health checks are only valid for a year;  if the visa takes any longer to process, you may need to undertake additional health checks.
  • Gather the relevant documents required for the applications and prepare them adequately.
  • Applicant documents include; Identity documents, documents that prove the relationship with your partne; such as a statutory declaration by a supporting witness in relation to a partner or prospective marriage visa application. Documents about other relationships as well as health and character documents.
  • Sponsor documents include: Identity documents, character documents, relevant dependants.


  • To apply Online: Begin the application by creating an ImmiAccount (if you do not already have one). When done, log in and start the application. When in ImmiAccount, select new application, then prospective marriage visa.

Lodge your sponsorship form online and your partner’s details. Subsequently, attach the required documents as required by the ImmiAccount.

  • To Apply On Paper: Completer the form 47SP. The form is an application for migration by a partner. Subsequently, send the following to your closest immigration office; your visa application form, your sponsors completed application form, your documents, sponsors documents and the correct application fee.

Also, lodge your sponsorship form on paper. Then give the completed form as well as other relevant documents to your partner.

  • After applications, you may be required to provide:
  • Police certificates
  • Biometrics
  • Information on any other changes including the addition of children, or any information added to the application in error.

Processing Time of The Prospective Marriage Visa

Processing times for the visa depends on a variety of conditions including whether

  • You have lodged necessary documents and completed the applications.
  • How promptly you respond to requests for additional information.
  • How long it takes to receive additional information in relation to health, character, security requirements and/or criminal record.


The Prospective Marriage Visa Allows for the following;

  • Travel from or stay in Australia for up to nine months
  • Study in Australia at your own expense

After the Prospective Marriage Visa is granted:

After the visa is granted, the applicant has a duration of nine months within which he/or she must travel into Australia and marry their sponsor. If the marriage does not occur during this 9 month period then the condition of their visa is considered breached and can lead to varying consequences.

After marriage, the applicant and sponsor may apply for an onshore partner visa based on their marriage in a two stage process.

  • The applicant would first be granted a temporary partner visa for a period not exceeding two years.
  • The application for the temporary visa is also followed closely by that of the permanent partner visa.

Granted, the process might seem quite tumultuous, but is often worth the hassle. In the event that it proves any more strenuous than you can handle however, there are a number of independent Australian Visa Advice service providers from which you can choose to provide adequate counsel as well as facilitate the process at a small cost.

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