How to Write an Invitation Letter for a Visa to Visit Norway

Between its northern lights, history and mountain-scapes, there are no shortage of reasons to visit Norway. Sure, the country has recorded a 5.7% visa rejection rate, (one of the highest among Scandinavian countries), but Norway is no ordinary Nordic country – and to gain entry into UN’s (2013) second, happiest place on earth is no ordinary feat.

Why Do You Need An Invitation Letter For a Visa To Visit Norway?

Depending on your purpose for visiting Norway, there are various requirements demanded by the country/immigration authorities when entering new territory. When going on a visit to Norway, one of such critical requirements is a letter from a resident/citizen of the host country verifying that you have been duly invited and will be hosted accordingly. While the terms may vary for different reasons for travel, individuals seeking a Norwegian Schengen visitor’s visa must either have an invitation letter from their host or a letter that explains an elaborate account of the purpose of their visit.

When Do You Need An Invitation Letter For a Visa To Visit Norway?

According to the Schengen agreement established in 1995, citizens of 26 European nations stated here are excluded from the need for standard short-stay visas.  The 1995 agreement marked the annulment of any internal borders between their member nations. By that standard, citizens of the member countries are entitled to Uniform Schengen Visas (USV), which is a visa that permits any holder to travel through or reside in any of the member territories for up to 90 days after entry.

Citizens of other countries are exempted from the agreement and by implication, must apply for the appropriate visa when seeking to visit Norway or any other Schengen country. In this case the visa that applies is a Limited Territorial Validity Visa (LTV) that allows the holder travel only within the specified state that was mentioned when applying for said visa.

Categories of Invitation Letter for a Visa To Visit Norway

Limited territorial validity visas often have similar limitations. However, depending on who the invitation letter came from, it may serve slightly different functions.

  • Invitation from family/friends

Invitation letters from family and friends are written by the host to the invitee who is a friend or relative to the Norwegian resident/citizen. They are expected to submit the letter along with the other visa application documents to the embassy. Alternately, some embassies may have an application form that can be used rather than a letter. If such a form is available on the embassy website, then the host may simply fill the form rather than writing an invitation letter.

  • Invitation from business/organization

This is written by a business as a means to formally invite anyone to their organization – they are preferably written on company stationery. On the other hand, the embassies application form available on their website might be a great alternative to a letter.

Elements That an Invitation Letter for A Visa To Visit Norway Must Contain

Like the application from, a standard invitation letter should contain –

  • Your name and personal information, including that of the host.
  • The purpose of your visit/invitation – whether for tourist or business purposes.
  • Suggested take-off dates as well as any other date significant to the visit.
  • Information about the relationship between you and said host
  • Information regarding who will cover the expenses of the trip/proof of how you will fund the trip yourself
  • An overview of your itinerary
  • A letter declaring your intention to return to your home country after the trip.


Sample Invitation Letter for A Visa To Visit Norway –Family/Friend

Jane  Doe
Trakka 208,

Haslum, Baerum
PMB 351234

12th April 2018

Sade Aliyu
1234 Alex Ekueme St.
Abuja, Nigeria.

Dear Sade,

This as a formal invitation for you to visit me in the Norway for 1 month.  I have missed you terribly and I am looking forward to sharing little tit-bits of my life as things fall into place in this gorgeous country.

I will be fully responsible for your accommodation, transportation and other expenses within the Norway for the duration of your stay. I am sure this will be a good opportunity for you to experience the American culture and meet with some of my new friends and neighbor.

Kindly, take this letter along with you for your visa interview. I look forward to having you with me this summer.

I love and miss you.

Your friend,

Jane Doe


Sample Invitation Letter for A Visa To Visit Norway –Business/Organization


20th May  2022

The Embassy of Norway54, T.Y Danjuma Street,

Asokoro, Abuja
PMB 5136, Wuse



Dear Sir/Madam

Sade Aliyu : Passport No – 123456789

I am writing to confirm that Ms. Sade Aliyu is an employee of Boost First Limited, and is working as a quality control analyst and consultant .

Ms Aliyu has been an employee since January 2018 and her  total remuneration is $85,000 per annum after deductions. Her job at Boost First Limited relates to carrying out delivering quality control reports and offering her expert deductions on our products before sales – and since her job is remote she often shuttles between company’s headquarters and her home country

She has been invited once again to  represent our organization in the Annual Quality Control Seminar titled – Q.A and Us.  The conference is scheduled to hold on the 17th of August 2022, and her expenses will be fully catered for by the company.

Kindly contact me at  for any further clarification you might require.

Thank you.



Sondre C Husebo

Vice president

Boost First International


Other Requirements For A Visa To Visit Norway

Other than the invitation letter, other key documents are significant for the visa acquiring process including –

·      A recent passport photograph

·      Mandatory documents regarding the appropriate Embassy/ Consulate

·      As well as your Visa fees


Ultimately, remember to offer strictly truthful responses to every question/query; afterall, that just may be all you need on that trip to the Scandinavian mountains – courage and a bag-pack of honesty.

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