Graduation Invitation Letter for Visa

Every year many international students graduate from US universities. Many of them would love to invite their parents and other relatives or friends to the United State, to be part of their graduation ceremony. In this post I outline how to write a graduation invitation letter for visa. You can use this format to invite your parents, your spouse, your siblings or even your friends. Simply update the relationship and adjust any of the letters below to suit your specific situation. Other invitation letters for US visa are also available.


Find below a sample invitation letter written by a student of New Jersey City University to invite his parents to attend his graduation ceremony. Take note that the letter is addressed to the Consular Officer but the letter should be SENT TO YOUR PARENTS. Please DO NOT send the letter to the embassy or consulate.  Follow this link for general information on writing invitation letters for visa

Invitation letter for parents to attend GraduationCommencement Ceremony

234 Cosgrace Ct
East Brunswick, NJ

Consular Officer
United States Embassy
United Nations Ave,
Nairobi, Kenya

Dear Consular Officer,

My name is James Brown and I am a student in F-1 visa status at New Jersey City University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. I am graduating in May 2017. A letter from my University verifying my graduation is attached.

I would like to invite my parents listed below to attend my Commencement Ceremony and other celebration activities that will be held on May 18, 2017 .

Dandy BROWN, my father who lives at 34 Kikuyu lane, Nairobi Kenya
Rosie BROWN, my mother who lives at 34 Kikuyu lane, Nairobi Kenya

My parents will stay with me during their visit, (and may visit a few other U.S. cities before returning home. It would be greatly appreciated if you could grant them a visitor visa so that they may join me to celebrate my graduation.

If you have any questions, I can be reached by email at or by phone at +1999-9999

Thank you for your time and kind consideration of the visa application.





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10 thoughts on “Graduation Invitation Letter for Visa

  1. nnaji sylvester ochiabuto

    Planning to visit USA soon but I need guardian on how to write invitation letter to my cousin for my graduation

    1. Dems Post author


      Are you in USA or you want to visit the USA? Or is your cousin in the USA and you want to attend his or her graduation?

  2. ranjeet singh

    i do not know how can i write effective invitation letter to invite parents on my graudation ceremony????

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Ranjeet,

      use the sample above – make the necessary changes. You can send us a copy to review for you.

  3. kaymah

    Need help writing an invitation letter to my mother-in-law for my daughter graduation form high school in june. do I need a letter from the school?


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