Business Invitation Letter for Australian Business Visa

Why a Business Invitation Letter for Australian Business Visa?

There are a number of reasons why writing invitation letters have become increasingly important – besides stating the purpose and intent of the program/or event for which the invitation was necessary in the first place, it aids the process of obtaining a visa (in the event that attending the function would require one).

While the letter of invitation is not a sufficient guarantee for visa qualification, it does offer documentary evidence supporting the case for visa issuance, thus easing the visa application process.

The ideal invitation letter should state the invitee’s name, title and the business or organization they represent, as well as their relationship with the host and the purpose of the visit.

In the event that the purpose of the visit is in fact for business (as in this case), necessary personal data including the person’s date of birth, country of birth, their gender, marital status as well as their passport number would also be required to be reflected in the letter.

Sample Business Invitation Letter for Australian Business Visa

Written Below is a sample invitation letter for exemplary purposes only – if adapted for use, be sure to customize its specific details for the company or organization as required; a company logo or letterhead is often preferred.

Sample Letter


John Doe
(Office Held)
XYZ Company
(Company Address)

Dear Mr. John Doe,

Invitation to Attend a Presentation of Machinery – XYZ Company

I would like to invite you (and your staff) to visit our facility as well as attend a presentation of our newly acquired machinery. It is our belief that haven worked with you over the last few years that a presentation of this nature would keenly interest you as it could potentially benefit our companies mutually for the following reasons (state reasons aptly).

The presentation is scheduled to take place at the XYZ outfit, Australia – on (date) at (time). We look forward to your visit and an opportunity to share insights on the machinery as well as other interests.

During your stay in Australia, spanning the period of the presentation – you’ll be provided with the following benefits (state as would be provided) – we will also cover the cost of air travel and accommodation.

A brochure is enclosed for your reference. If you require additional information, feel free to contact our office for a follow-up or if you have queries regarding this visa invitation.

Mark Caleb
(Phone Number)
(Email Address)

Again for the purpose of the Visa (as would be required in this case) a letter in the following format may also be required;


Sample Letter


Mark Caleb,
123 (Street Name)
City, Postal Code
+Tel (in Australia)


To Whom It May Concern:

Application for Visa: John Doe; (Birth Date); Passport No: (Insert)

I am writing on behalf of XYZ Company to confirm an earlier invitation to Mr. John Doe of (Insert company name) for the our Machinery presentation scheduled to hold in (address), Australia for ( Insert length of trip).

I am an Australian Citizen and Electrical Engineer Working with XYZ company in Adelaide.

XYZ will be fully responsible for he’s welfare spanning the period of his stay in Australia.

Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mark Caleb.
(Phone number)
(Company Email, Fax etc.)


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