Sample invitation letter for Australia Visa – Spouse or Partner

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How to Write a Visa Invitation Letter for Australia Tourist (Subclass 600) Visa (Spouse or Partner)

A long distance love relationship can be quite stressful on its own without the dilema of not knowing how the love of your life will come over to Australia to visit and eventually stay. When it comes to inviting a spouse or partner to visit you in Australia, there are many factors that must be considered.

First you must realize that the visa officer still needs to be convinced that your special friend will return to his or her country of residence until a different visa is obtained. For those whose guest is not yet a spouse this is also very important. 

Regardless of who your guest is, the format of the invitation letter is basically the same. You will only need to provide adequate documentation to show that your guest will return to their country of residence once the time of thier visit has expired. So regardless of who the guest is, what is most important is to ensure that all the required information are in the letter. There is no specific method or style once all the required information is visible in the letter. The Australian Consulate or Embassy requires this letter. Please visit the relevant Australian High Commission website for the most current information

Your letter must include the following information about the person being invited:

* Complete name.
* Date of birth.
* The person’s address and telephone number.
* Your relationship to the person being invited.
* The purpose of the trip.
* How long the person you are inviting intends to stay in Australia.
* Details on accommodation and living expenses.
* The date the person you are inviting intends to leave Australia.

Your letter must also include the following information about the person writing the letter:

* Complete name.
* Date of birth.
* Address and telephone number in Australia.
* Occupation in Australia.
* Your status in Australia
* A photocopy of documents proving your status in Australia and financial Status.


Invitation Letter Sample to invite a spouse

Below is a sample invitation letter. The names on it are ficticious but this format has been used and visas have been issued using this format.

Remember that this is just a sample and we are not in any way connected to Australia immigation.


January 27th, 2015

Dave Suny,
123 Street Name, Apt 2
city, Postal Code
+Tel (in Australia)


The Consular,
Australian High Commision,
5th Floor, Oakland Centre,
48 Aguiyi Ironsi St,
Maitama, Abuja

Application for visitor visa (Subclass 600): Rose Olowo; May 13 1982; Passprt No: AO3453378

This is to confirm that I wish to invite my girlfriend Rose to visit me in City, Australia for 5 weeks in order to have a short holiday from June 6th 2015 – July 15th 2015. Rose and I attended the same University in England and has since returned to her country of origin in Nigeria. She is a nurse by training and work with the General Hospital in Abuja.

I am an Australian Citizen and Graphic designer with the weekly magazine DemsTech in Adelaide. I will be on vacation at that time.

Rose will be staying with me at (write your full address) for the duration of her stay in Australia. Please find attached evidence of my accommodation.

I have enclosed the following documents:
• Copy of passport
• Tenancy agreement

Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your faithfully


Dave Suny
Date of Birth: 30th Jan 1978
Passport No: 000000000

Do not forget to send a scanned copy of your passport. You may need to ensure that this document and all other documents you would be submitting are certified true copies. This can usually be done by a notary.

Also note that even if the guest is your spouse and you are not a citizen, the letter will follow the same format and all you need to change are the specifics of the relationship. Partners and spouses are particularly challenging to invites as guests by citizens of Australia because it is difficult to show that your spouse will leave you to return to their country of residence.



62 thoughts on “Sample invitation letter for Australia Visa – Spouse or Partner

  1. Angeliana Natasya

    Hi ..I have a question, how if I’m planning to stay longer with my BF ? Like more than 6 month ? Because we planning to get married but before that we need to stay closed together. Not in a long distance . What should we write in the invitation letter? Looking forward for your reply ..thank you .

  2. Robert

    How to write a invertation letter for a prospective spouse visa because she has to re apply for another visa due to health reason s

    1. Mae

      Good day. My name is Mae and I am from Philippines. I have a special friend who is an Australian citizen. We known each other since 2015 we talked and see each other only in video chats like Skype, Viber and whatsapp. We never meet in person. He had a child and I also have mine too. I was married before to a Filipino but separated. My special friend invited me to come on holidays because he want to show me the beauty of OZ and the beautiful koalas that I wished to see live in front of me and not just on TV. He said that he will be paying for all the cost of my travel. He work as a constable in Australia he has his own apartment and I have a mini farm in Philippines where I work and raise rabbits and a 5 year old daughter to take care with.. All I want is to see him in person and tourism.

      So is it possible for me to come there and meet him in person? Thanks for your help.

  3. John

    Hi, I want to bring my fiance to live with me in Australia. But I don’t really know what all to put in my sponsor letter. I’m a citizen of new Zealand and work in gold Coast with a steel fixing company. I been together with my fiance for more than 2years. I was married before and was dissolved on the 17August 2015,also had to kids and no court order made for my kids. My fiance and I got a 8months baby together,my partner also residing with my previous child and her own previous child back in the cook islands. And I want my kids and fiance to live with me.and lastly my fiance holds a Fijian passport with the our other two kids.

    What all should I do?
    What should I prepare?

      1. Murthy Rama

        Hi Dems
        I have located a girlfriend whom I have never met, only through website, we look to be close match, now for her to visit Australia what letter should I forward as an invitation, I am inviting her in the view of marriage which is not yet guaranteed up until now but that is the focus for now.
        It would help me if you would give some hints towards this. it is appreciated and I welcome your advice if any can you pl. forward to my email address.

        1. Stephen J Jones.

          To whom it may concern.. I am dating a girl by the name of Mary Ann Baquiran from Butuan, Pillipines.
          We have been dating now for six mths, and I would like to invite her to come visit me in Feb 2017 with maybe a proposal of marriage. She will be staying with me at my residents ,No 75 Billabong Rd Pondi South, Australia I will be paying for her return flights.
          I own my home and am semi retired on a disability pension of around $800 per fortnight and my overheads are minimal so I will be able to support the both of us as per need be!
          If there is any other questions I will gladly answer””

  4. andrew

    To whom it may concern

    I’ve been in a relationship now for the past 6 months. She lives in philipines and I have been over there 2 and are planning my next visit in October.
    I’m trying to get her to visit me for 3 months.
    I know it’s complicated all the best paper work involved etc.
    I have over 50+ photos of her and I together , with her friends / family etc but I have a problem as we have been communicating on messenger via Facebook over the past 6 months ( video chatting etc) I dint think I can print out a copy of our communication as 6 months of chatting is alot.

    Would I need this as proof of our relationship together ?
    Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you


    1. Dems Post author

      The challenge with your application is that with a relationship like this, it’s difficult to prove that she will return to her country!

      You may have to keep visiting her until you are ready to marry her!

      That being said, you should try to get her a visitors visa! If she has some solid ties to the Philippines then you may be able to get her a visa!

      If all else fails, you can always get her a fiancée visa and do the wedding in the USA after she arrives

      1. farbod

        Hey Dems, Sorry i reply here also it is not related, the contact us form was corrupted.

        Regard to invitation letter, do we need a signed letter for embassy or just a letter on email with standard format ,, and attached documents from the host is fine ?


  5. malou

    hi have a good day ,,,i will be leaving australia on 31st of january becasue my 3 months visa will expire on february 4,2017,,,my bf who is my sponsor want me to come back with him in australia on march 4,,, any suggestion please on how to make an invitation letter fot reapplying tourist visa for 6 months

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Malou,

      All you need to do is present your application again like you did the first time. The fact that you left Australia before your visa expired should be a plus. You should start to think about immigrating to Australia if you want to stay so long though.

  6. Pasit

    As I have a visa issue that I have to leave country
    I will go back to Thailand and I would like to apply for visitor visa to come to Australia to stay with my partner for 3 months
    How to write an invitation letter?
    What should I prepare?
    Should I stay here for 3 months or less?
    Will it be effected for next time when I come back if I stay for 3 months?

  7. Lucia Fais

    Hello , I would like to invite my friend from India to come and visit and enjoy my life with me here in Australia. I would provide accomodation and living expenses. How difficult is it to obtain a 12 month visitor visa….

      1. Orlando

        Hello Dem, i am an australian citizen but my mother isnt, left my dad since i was 15yrs old and now i am 27 please what are my chances in bring my mum to live with me in Australia?

  8. Brad

    I have a girlfriend in Australia and have been talking over a year when I went to see her I had the wrong visa and was deported we wish to get married and move in with her but what letter would I write as when I was deported I was banned for three years but was told that I can write to have it lifted. My question is what Letter do I write to lift the ban and what visa do I apply for that would be great for what we need.

    1. Dems Post author

      Hey Brad,

      I suggest you consult an immigration lawyer for this. They will be in the best position to write the appropriate letter.

  9. Ritima

    Hey my husband is australian citizen and I am having temporary partner visa 309 .I am pregnant and due in june and my parents want to visit us in august .I am not employed anywhere .So, can my husband sponsor my parents ?

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Ritima,

      Yes he can. He has the right to invite any one, including his parents in-law. Congrats on your pregnancy. I wish you safe delivery.

  10. J

    I am living in VIC, and I would like to invite my father in law & mother in law to Australia as tourist. Instead of avoiding multiple visas each time they come, I would like to ask for multiple entry visas within the visa period (say on year). So they can come early winter, and early summer and be with the family. Will it be ok if I ask them to request for multiple entry visas ? what would the max length they can stay in single stretch?

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi J,

      Yes you can ask them to request for multiple entry visas. Officially, the maximum time a person can stay in Australia on a visitor visa is one year. Usually a visitor is expected to leave the country after 6 months. I would not advice you to request for them to stay for six months though. From my experience, first time visas are rarely multiple entry visas. Nevertheless, there is no harm is requesting for it. I know a few people who have received multiple entry visas – usually parents.

  11. Brigitte Sam

    I am a Filipino citizen, I have 2 kids from my past relationship, not married. I am in a relationship with an Australian Citizen for more than 5 years, he also has 2 kids from his past relationship but not married. We have a 2 year old son born here in the Philippines but is now an Australian Citizen by Descent. He usually visits me here in the Philippines but not more than 4 weeks/ year. I plan to apply for a tourist visa for 12 months so I can travel with my son to Australia so he can meet his 2 brothers and grandmother. I wanted my son to have quality time with his father, to know his father and celebrate special occasions like bday and this will be their first xmas together. I know my son can already live in Australia but I cannot leave him there because no one will look after him so I intend to stay their but not more than 12 months. Aside from tourism, this will be my purpose of travel. Do you think I will be granted a tourist visa? Is our son’s birth certificate enough to prove my relationship to my sponsor? Is their a format in writing a evidence of relationship?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Brigitte,

      No one except the visa officer can determine if you will get a visa or not. You have a very good reason to want to visit Australia. It is a good idea to attempt it. If you were planning to get married, there are other options that can try.

  12. helen Fraser

    Hi I am trying to write an invitation letter for my friend to visit me here in Australia He lives in Afghanistan I cant find which embassy to send the letter to It looks like maybe in Washington USA How can I put dates when we dont know if he will be accepted

  13. Aurora

    Hello Dems!

    My boyfriend (Autralian Citizen) and I (from Chile) have been together for over a year but only lived together for 6 months since all the rest was travelling together which is not consider in a de facto relationship, therefore, immigration said We should apply for a 6 visitors visa so then we can go ahead with a more definite visa. Because I know that getting a longer visa is not that simple we are wondering what information is a must for his invitation letter. Our case is a hard one, of course we will be more than happy to respect the dates they give us but since I’m an Independent Dentist here I don’t have a contract to tied me to my country and I’m sure they will need more than just our word of me leaving when told so. We want to do everything by the rules since we want to have a chance of really staying together soon enough.
    Any recommendations???

    Thanks and have a lovely week

  14. Veena

    I am intending to invite my prospective spouse, (arranged marriage) to come and visit me and my family on a tourist visa. This would be a typical indian arranged marriage. Having said that, i have not met him myself. So, if you could give me some suggestions would really appreciate.


  15. Shakshi MEHTA

    hi i am student in Australia . I want to invite my husband.
    can you me what is the format of invitation letter




    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Sumon Barua . I am a helpless Buddhist boy living in Chittagong of Bangladesh. When I was 18 years old that time my father passed away. I do have a younger sister. So, being the elder child of my parents I had to leave go my studies and had to catch a job and take the responsibility of my family. I could study till S.S.C. After 5 years of my father’s death my Mother also fell in sick. At present, I am working in a restaurant with less salary and with that I have to look after my family. Whatever salary I get I have to spend most of my salary for my Mother’s medicine and for my sister’s education. Being a Buddhist boy in our country we are the minority. Over here minority people do not get good job. I am a hardworking and honest boy. I do respect your country, your Government as well as your Parliament. Only you can help me to solve my problem. As a hardworking man I will work in your country. With a lot of difficulties I have collected your e-mail address. It is a humble request please does help me and save my family. I do not need any kind of financial help from you. All I want you to take the necessary step to get me a Visa from your country. If you help me my family will be also benefit ted. You are a good hear ted person and only you can help me to get a visa and save me as well as my family. If you help me then God will also help you and your country.I do expect a good news from you and please do reply me through email.
    Give me invitation latter please sir.

    Sincerely Yours


  18. DEE

    Hi, I was studying and living with my boyfriend for the last 2 years in Australia. However, the study visa ends so I left last year (2016) in November. Am now currently working in my country PNG. What’s the best suggestion you could offer as I am trying to go back to visit during my work leave? Since, the study visit I was on had no further stay so had to return. I really want to go back and be part of his life. Even during the period of living together we lost a bub, which obviously was the saddest thing. Wish to reunite again soon?

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Dee,
      Sorry to hear about your loss. It is usually quite challenging to get a visa to visit a boyfriend because of the challenge of showing that you will return to your home country. Your case is quite different however because you have already proved that you will return home. So an invitation letter from him for a tourist visa may help. You may also consider immigrating to Australia or formalizing your relationship.

  19. Leonie

    Hi, my name is Leonie and i would love for my friend to come visit me in Australia he is from Jordan i have just come back from visiting him there and now would love him to come stay with me for a holiday. Im am aware that getting a visa to australia from Jordan may be difficult so i was what documents or infomation i could give to help.

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Leonie,
      The major work lies with your friend in Jordan. He needs to be able to show that he will go back to Jordan after the visit.

  20. Jason

    I have been living in Hong Kong working for the past 3 years and have very recently moved back to Australia to continue working with the same company. I am an Australian Citizen. Whilst i was in HK i have been in a relationship with a girl i met over there and we have been together for about 14 months now. Though we met in Hong Kong she is from Thailand. In order to continue seeing her i have been supporting her. She hasn’t been employed for the past year. In this period she has had very regular visits to Hong Kong and i have also had many visits to Thailand. She used to live in Hong Kong and has a child who is a Hong Kong citizen with a British Citizen also living in Hong Kong. They were married and divorced now a few years ago. She has visited Australia before on a visitors visa about 2 years ago (nothing to do with me).

    I was planning to go down the route of inviting her on a visitors visa, aiming initially for a 12 month though i understand they are rare and if things became more serious then considering something more permanent. As i just moved back i am also in the middle of securing long term accommodation which will not be a problem. My question is do you think this is the best way to go about securing a visa and if she does not get granted 12 months would they downgrade it to a 6 or 3 month visa? Do you see any major road blocks?

    Appreciate any pointers.

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Jason,
      I think your approach is reasonable. However, like you said, a 12-month visa is very rare. The fact that she is not working might also be a source of concern. The fact that she has visited Australia previously is very good. I suggest you apply for a 6-month visa. From my experience what happens is they refuse. They hardly downgrade. But they could.

  21. Baljinder

    Hi there I want to visit at my wife in Australia she is pr holder as we both from india I was overstayed in Australia but came back in 2014 3 year bar ended now also lodged 309/100 visa last year almost 10 month now I want to visit at my wife because partner visa taking 10-14 month atm also bar ended that I’m eligible for visitor visa now just want to know is ther DIBP going to make any excuse about my past in order to grant visit visa ??

  22. Angie

    Hello Mr. Dems.
    Good day! I just wanna ask if you have an idea if we write on the invitation letter for tourist visa that we want to apply a partner visa onshore (820/801). Did we have a chance to grant my visa? BTW my husband is holding a pr (we’re both a filipino) Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Angie,

      From my experience so far (I’m not a professional) you don’t need to state that on an invitation letter.

  23. Mandeep

    Hi Dems i want to invite my brother for me and my husband birthday celebration what could be the possible format
    Thanks in advance

  24. Jessica

    Hi Dems,

    I am planning to visit my boyfriend in Australia in December 2017 and return in January 2018. However I wish to know if I can apply the visa now? And, If I get a 3 month visa, will it be effective as of the date issued or the date I planned to visit him. Any suggestions when I may apply for the visa? Also, about the letter of invitation, if he is adressing it to me, what should be written there?
    Kindly please help.


    1. DemsSample

      Hi Jessica,
      Usually, the visa starts counting from the date it is issued. The answer to this question depends on how long it takes to get a visa in your home country. 3 months before your departure date is usually okay.

  25. Arum

    Hi Dem
    We got married in May this year. The PR processing takes time but my husband is unwell so wants me to come soonest possible. We are thinking about taking a sponsored visitor visa then when I reach there we will apply for my PR. If I don’t get a temporary PR visa right away I will apply for Bridge visa before my visitor visa ends. Is it a good idea, what do you think? and what are my chances of getting a visitor visa?

    what specific things should be mentioned in my sponsor letter to get a visitor visa?

    Please suggest.

  26. Paula Gonzales

    Hi. My bf is a citizen in Australia. We’ve been together for 11mos. We just met last May 2017, he’s here in the Philippines for about 2mos.

    Actually we’re already on the process for my visitor visa and he will be sponsoring me. He has a high compensation, bank account with continuous income and he also have credit card. In all means, he is really legible to sponsor all my fees.

    My problem is I don’t have any bank statements to be issued and I am currently unemployed for like 4mos already.

    What is the chance of getting my visa granted?

    1. DemsSample

      Hi Paula,

      It’s really difficult to get a visitor visa when it looks like you don’t plan on leaving Australia after your visit. So what I advice is that you see how you can prove that you will go back to the Philippines after your visit. This does not mean you cannot try. What I am saying is that with your invitation letter and other documents from your bf, add your own documents that show your ties to your country.

  27. Pritam


    I’m working in Australia on sponsored 457 VISA (for last 22 moths) and wish to bring my fiance on a tourist visa in Australia for a month. I want to sponsor her stay here. I have all the relevant supporting documents with me except any rent agreement. Is the rent agreement really necessary to sponsor the tourist VISA. I’m planning to rent an apartment during her visit but I won’t have it ready during VISA application.
    Please suggest if it is really necessary to get the VISA.

  28. jenny

    Hi Dems,
    I am PR in Australia i would like to bring my mum here for 12 months as a vistor visa. I am wondering how to write a letter? Could you please sent me sample letter of invitation. Thank you

  29. EDOSA O

    Kindly help…..
    I would like to know how to address a letter to immigration on my existing Spouse Visa applications that has taken so long for response, would like to enquire if i should renew my document because some will expire after 12months.

  30. Sanjeeb

    Hi Dems,

    I am an Australian PR and I got married last December, 2017. Since, the off-shore partner visa takes too long to process, we decided to bring my wife in visitor visa and then apply on-shore partner visa. What sorts of documentations do we need to prepare to strengthen our application so that the visa will be granted without any issues? Furthermore, how can we prevent the condition of 8503 since we are planning for on-shore?
    Please reply as we are in real need of your help.


  31. Joy B.

    Hi dem’s I just need your help.i have my boy friend and he’s Australian citizenship we’ve meet and getting closer to each other force months.. and we do an agreement we made a plan to see each other and we decided that I will be going to visit him as he can’t leave Australia as of he’s having a work commitment in there… I have 2 kids from my past relationship and he also having a kids in his past relationship too but he’s already divorce for 3 years ago.. and same with me I’m not married before. So now what I want to ask is it a solid reason for me to come back to my country after my visit to him? And I don’t have regular work as I am just working a part time product promoter and online seller.pls I need some of your opinion … Thank you … I’m looking forward for your response.

  32. Jatinder singh

    Hi mate I Jatin . I withdraw my subclass 866 ( protection visa in December 2016 ) before any decision . And now I want to apply for visitor visa . I have a friend Australian citizen is there any chance t get my visa . Plz update me thanks

  33. Supriya Shrestha


    I want to accompany my husband in Australia. He is pursuing his MIT course currently. Now I wish to apply for Dependent visa to support him there in Australia while he pursue his degree. So, would you please help me out to prepare me accompanying letter? Can you please provide me a sample to accompanying letter asap? Thank your for your help in advance!!!

    Thank you!! I’m looking forward for your response.


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