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GRAMMARLY – This Grammar check tool has become indispensable!

I first saw Grammarly as an advert on another website. At first, I wondered if it I could afford to install another plugin for my chrome browser. On second thoughts I decided to give it a spin. Wow!!! I am so glad I did. Since then I have introduced it to my wife and other friends. I have also instructed the people that work with me to make sure they have Grammarly installed.

In summary, for those who English is not their first language, Grammarly is a must-have. It does not just correct spelling mistakes, it corrects your grammar. For example, if you want to say “I read four books last month” and you mistakenly write “I red four books last month”, Grammarly would underline “red” to draw you attention to your error. How cool is that? That is not all. It can do more than that. It can also correct punctuation.

Like I said earlier, I literally stumbled onto Grammarly – not that I didn’t need a grammar/spell check program, but I wasn’t actively looking for one when it showed up as an ad, and after a good look at its perks and terms, I figured – I’ve got nothing to lose!

Well, approximately one month into my journey with Grammarly here’s my take on the program. I am an affiliate of this program. I use it and I recommend it highly, my suggestion is that you try it for FREE and decide for yourself. I am sure you would be glad you downloaded it.

But first,

What Does Grammarly Really Do?

The idea behind Grammarly is that  it flags up errors as you type posts in LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr, Gmail, Facebook and other platforms – and depending on whether or not you are willing to download the free browser extension that applies for it, it would also flag up errors in Ms Word or alternatively, documents can be uploaded or copied and pasted on your account and reviewed as well and when the Grammarly software finds a grammar mistake, it provides a detailed flash card with explanations and examples of how to improve the sentence.

Another useful accompanying feature in Grammarly is the plagiarism-detection tool; which is ideal for teachers and editors who suspect that their students or writers may have turned in copied material, and a comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus that writers can access anytime – and by simply highlighting a word you are provided with a contextual list of synonyms that could translate your writing to the next level.

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

It’s free!

Okay, not entirely.

Grammarly offers two different packages – one is the free version and the other a premium version that is accompanied by additional features.

Using the free version entitles you to review of 100 points of free grammar, contextual spelling and punctuation errors – this does not include any features for vocabulary enhancement at all. And although it is free, it can be used anywhere on the web with Google Chrome, Mozilla or Safari browser.

The free version will help you get started immediately. You would get more than enough benefits from just using the free version. If you need more there is always more.

The Premium version includes (along with the features of the free version) 100+ additional advanced grammar and spelling checks, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, Genre-specific writing style checks and the plagiarism detector.

What to Love About Grammarly

I installed Grammarly on my computer and enabled its web browser plugins, and it proved beyond reasonable doubt that when it comes to detecting spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, the software clearly leads the pack.

It flags everything from a passive voice to commonly confused words and makes suggestions for corrections in sentence structure and punctuations in no more than a few seconds.

I suppose the most impressive thing about Grammarly is that it doesn’t flag any errors without providing accompanying reasons. The flashcards provided explain why each error was flagged as incorrect and the most likely alternatives to correct the errors. Not only does the approach elevate the writing of the user, it helps to further educate and strengthen future writing.

Grammarly also recognizes that different documents have different levels of formality, thus reviews are done specifically to the tone of the document concerned – and the ideals of emails, social media updates, blog posts, official documents, academic and technical documents were considered during the software’s design.

And to top things off, you can very easily switch from American to British English by simply clicking on the Grammarly logo and navigating to your profile.


If you are on my website because you are looking to write an invitation letter for someone, and you do not have Grammarly, then download it right now. You will be glad you did. 


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