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Are you planning to visit Ghana? You might need a visa. If you have already confirmed that you need a visa, then you may also need an invitation letter. An invitation letter gives the visa officer a clear statement of your purpose for visiting Ghana. It gives them the duration of your stay and your proposed place of stay.

What is required in the Invitation Letter

A letter of invitation from sponsor (either host company or individual) explaining the relationship to the applicant and the purpose of travel to Ghana. In addition, the letter must indicate the length of stay, place of stay, (including full residential address and telephone number), and contact information. A copy of the host’s Passport must be included, and residency permit if not a Ghanaian citizen.

Sample Invitation Letter to a friend to visit Ghana

Here is a sample invitation letter written by a Ghanian citizen to invite a friend from the USA

Sample Invitation Letter for Visa to Ghana for a friend

New Achimota,
Burkina Faso Road,

John Grayeno
3801 Chalk Butte Rd,
Cut Bank,
MT 59427, USA

Dear John,

Letter of invitation for Visa Application to visit Accra, Ghana.

This is a formal invitation for you to visit me in Accra, Ghana for three weeks from the 10th to the 30th of April 2018.

During your visit, you would be staying with me at the address above and I will be responsible for your transportation while you are here.

I hope to take you to see some sights while you are here and I trust that it will be fun just as it was in USA.

I have attached a scanned copy of my Passport!

Your friend

(insert signature here)

Kofi Adu

Guest details:
Name: John Grayeno
Address: 3801 Chalk Butte Rd, Cut Bank, MT 59427, USA
Date of Birth: 30 of June 1980
Occupation: Teacher
Relationship: Friend
Passport no:XXXXXXXX

Host Details (Enter your details)

Name: Kofi Adu
Date of Birth
Passport no:

Once you have typed out the invitation make sure it is signed before you send it off.


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I started this blog in response to the needs of friends and family for invitation letters for a visa. After thousands of letters and visas over a period of 12 years, I have become a voice in this arena. I am not an immigration lawyer. I am just a voice of help in the jungle of the internet. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Invitation Letter for Visa to Ghana

  1. Rist

    Hello I have spoken to a friend on facebook for two years we have known each other very well on facebook but she want to send me invitation so that I come and visit her. how should she write the invitation letter

  2. Ebenezer

    Please I have been dating a Chinese lady and I want to go to China and marry her, should she follow the sample above or mention the purpose of marriage in the letter and if I intend to stay after marriage should she state it in the letter?

    1. Mr Patrick Ness

      You should state clearly how many nights you are planning to stay together. If it’s above 5 nights, it’s a solid relationship.
      Take cash…plenty of Cash!


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