Documents Needed to Invite Someone To The UK

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In order to invite a person to the UK, there are a few requirements that must be filled on your part (as the sponsor) and on the part of the invite (the person being invited). In this article, we present the documents needed to invite someone to the UK. As the host, you do not need to do much. Your guest, however, would need to prove to the visa officer that they will return to their home country after visiting the UK

Reasons to request this visa include;

  • For leisure, or on a vacation for sightseeing and to visit family and friends
  • or, to conduct business or to participate in creative national events
  • Additionally, for other reasons – including medical and psychological

Typically, the online application form will give you the guidance you need, and the requirements vary with the purpose of the visit and your relationship with the guest; but here are a few things you should keep in mind nonetheless –

Documents needed to invite someone to the UK

Documents need to invite someone to the uk1: Valid ID documents

These may include your national passport and/or driver’s license to show that you are a national of the UK or you are eligible to invite people in to invite people into the UK. As a legal resident of the UK, you are eligible to invite someone to visit you in the UK.

2:  Proof of Your Relationship

Depending on your relationship with the guest, you may have to provide proof that you have a genuine relationship. This could simply be a letter that explains the details of your relationship including – where and how you met, how often you communicate and the medium of communication you use. Do not worry too much about this. A simple statement in your invitation letter should be sufficient.

If your guest is a parent or sibling; this may not be necessary, an invitation letter and your birth certificate may suffice. Also if the guest is being invited by your company; a simple customized invitation letter is enough evidence

3: Proof of Solvency (that you are buoyant enough to host your guest)

Whether the visitor’s expenses will be covered by them or you, you will have to provide proof that trip can be afforded. The proof, in this case, would be bank statements and /or pay slips. If your guest is going to sponsor their own trip, then you do not need to provide your bank statement or pay slip.

Document 4: Confirmation of your legal residence

This will include details of your current address, and an indication that the visitor will (or won’t be ) residing in your house for the length of their trip. As a citizen, all you need to provide is a passport or birth certificate. If you are a student or any other legal residence of the UK, you will need to send a scanned copy of your visa.

Documents required to apply for a UK visitor visa (Guest)

The visa officer would require some documents from your guest. Your guest should have documents to support whatever claims they have made in their visa application form.

Find more details here

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I started this blog in response to the needs of friends and family for invitation letters for a visa. After thousands of letters and visas over a period of 12 years, I have become a voice in this arena. I am not an immigration lawyer. I am just a voice of help in the jungle of the internet. Thanks!

13 thoughts on “Documents Needed to Invite Someone To The UK

  1. Tess webb

    I would jyst like to ask please how do I get a invitation for my husband to be, to join me here in the uk he is from africa I am a British citizen born and bred
    Thank you so much

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Chris,
      All you need to do is write and send an invitation letter. Your friend should do all the other part of the application from the Gambia

    2. Rzgar Amzhm b

      Hi I’m British citizens and got Uk passport how applied to invitation visa for my cousin come to Uk from swed. Thanks

  2. Simangele

    Hi admin

    I am married with 2 children. I have a friend who wants to invite me to visit in the UK. I am unemployed but can provide proof that I am a student and will be returning to my country for exams. The friend will be sponsoring the entire trip. Please advise with regards to documents.

    1. robins

      am married with 2 children. I have a friend who wants to invite me to visit in the UK. I am unemployed but will be returning to my country for Festival. The friend will be sponsoring the entire trip. Please advise with regards to documents.

  3. Cherie

    Hello i would like to invite a very close friend to the uk on vacation I am a British Ciitizen and have passport how do i apply for visa to allow my friend to come and will be paying for own accomodation over holiday period
    Thank you

    1. Joy

      Hi pls I want to come write an exam in the UK and I need someone to invite me as I don’t no anybody there, pls can you kindly invite me and I will get a place within 2weeks of my stay, I will sponsor everything that is required of me. Thanks

      1. Dems Post author

        Hi Joy,

        You really don’t need an invitation. Your registration for the exam can stand as your “invitation letter”.

  4. Cherie

    Please could you forward information how to allow my close friend to come to visit uk on vacation accomodation will be sorted for the holiday and how long would this be allowed for
    Thank you

  5. Peris waiting mundati

    Hi admin
    Am Peris living in Kenya, I have a boyfriend from UK and planning our first meeting in UK for the first time after dating for more than three years now. He is ready to invite me there and cater for everything required for a period of 2months.what are the requirements from him and from me?


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